Stuff about me

I'm Anthony! I'm a self-taught web developer who lives in Boulder, Colorado. I am primarily a JavaScript developer, and I gravitate towards front-end development (but I can break things in NodeJS as well). I am also interested in – but not very experienced with – design. Please feel free to contact me via social media if you want to chat about anything!

Outside coding, my interests include climbing, skiing, riding bikes, cooking, making/consuming music, video games, watches, my cat Bean, being unnecessarily verbose, and using the word "rad" unironically.

Stuff I Use

Stuff I Like

  • authors:

    Cormac McCarthy, Dostoevsky, Alexandre Dumas

  • artists:

    All Them Witches, Jason Isbell, ERRA

  • films:

    There Will Be Blood, What Dreams May Come, Hereditary

  • bikes:

    Pivot Cycles, Parlee

  • games:

    League of Legends, Escape from Tarkov, Battlefield

Stuff I've Learned